Session Zero

World Building w/ Microscope

This is for our Microscope play-by-post/Tuesday sessions. I’ll update this to a session report once we’re finished.

Big Picture: A New Technological Enemy Appears

Yes/Add List: High Tech (gadgetry), Fantasy Elements Allowed, Magic, Multiple Planets, Space Travel, Multiple Races, Androids
No/Ban List: Vampires, Undead, Superpowers or other innate abilities (Magic included), Not based on current history, Planet-Wide Federations, Cosmic/Occult Horror

I. THE EMP (dark)

  • American Tech Union (ATU) opens gateway to our dimension (dark)
  • The Prowler Class Starship, Genesis, returns to Earth (light)
  • ATU offensively captures Genesis (dark)


  • ATU takes over United Nations (dark)
  • Diamond Corporation invents first EMP shield (light)


  • The Regulon starship, Ecksolar, orbits Earth (light)
  • Ambassador T’Karr signs trade agreement with North America (light)
    (scene) Q: Why did US sign agreement? A: due to pressure from corporations, US needed a new energy source after the EMP (light)


  • The Arachnid species transports Hive to Detroit Ruins (light)
  • Diamond Corp. begins mass producing cybernetic implants (light)
    (scene) Q: Who first received implants? A: Genesis survivors (light)
  • Surviving Genesis crew members discover ATU gateway caused the EMP (light)
    (scene) Q: How did they discover connection? A: interrogation with ATU prisoner (dark)


  • ATU exposes Regulon involvement with Diamond Corp (dark)
  • United Arab Emirates declare war against ATU (dark)
    (scene) Q: Why did UAE declare war? A: ATU spies infiltrated UAE and swayed them (dark)

(Ω) TRUCE (light)

  • ATU disbands United Nations as nations start to rebel (dark)
  • ATU and Fellowship form unlikely alliance to fight Arachnids (light)
  • Arachnid Homeworld is destroyed by ATU (dark)
    (scene) Q: How did ATU destroy homeworld? A: Explosives transported across planet surface (dark)
  • Truce signed between ATU and Fellowship at Mars Colony (light)
  • Diamond Corp. creates New Earth Coalition (NEC) with anti-ATU rebels (light)
    (scene) Q: Who joined the NEC? A: Regulons, Arachnids, Diamond Corp., Genesis crew, US, China, Saudi Arabia (light)

Current Legacies:

  • Prowler Class Starship, Genesis
  • Diamond Corporation
  • United Arab Emirates

Notable Figures:

  • Regulon Ambassador, T’Karr
  • Arachnid Princess, Sulamè
  • CEO of Diamond Corp, John Wilkins
  • CEO/President of ATU
  • Genesis Crew survivors


So after that wall of text. The focus for the first round is “Contact with Alien species”

I’m going to put a Period between I EMP and II Rise of Magic. Then I’ll add an event.

II. “Rock” Species Makes Contact (light)

  • The Regulon starship, Ecksolar, orbits the planet. (light)

Okay, so now it’s Don’s turn. You can make a period, event, or scene related to the focus in any way (indirect connections are A-OK). :)

Session Zero


I’m going to make and event in the EMP period.

The Prowler Class Starship returns to the planet.

Session Zero

Sorry it is after and it is Light.

Session Zero

Okay, I’m going to add an event into the Rise of Magic period.

  • The Arachnid species makes contact. (light)
Session Zero

Happy Thanksgiving, guys!

No worries, Anthony, I’ll avoid editing the timeline/ session/ -thingie directly.

For the event clarification, how specific should I get? How about:

  • Arachnid species Hive magically transports onto the ruins of former of Detroit. (light)

…Then, if no one beats me to it, next turn I’ll add the next Event saying:

  • First contact and diplomatic relations established between North American government and the Arachnid species. (light)

(I almost said between “Earth” and the Arachnid species, but remember we disallowed planet-wide federations.)

Session Zero

Thanks Don! Adam, sounds good. Feel free to leave some mystery/ambiguity too, as we can always explore questions in scenes. :)

For the last turn, I’m going to create another event in period II, after the Ecksolar orbits.

  • “Ambassador T’Karr signs trade agreement with US government.”

Then I’m going to add a dictated scene (meaning we don’t roleplay it, I just narrate it) for this event. The question is why was the trade agreement made? The answer “because US needed a new energy source after the EMP.”

Session Zero

Okay, so we left off with Adam getting to create a Legacy event or scene. One you’re finished, then Don takes over with the next round.

P.S. I’ve been deleting some “minor” comments, to clean up this entry (and so it doesn’t have a large number of comments).

Session Zero

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