Session Zero
World Building w/ Microscope

This is for our Microscope play-by-post/Tuesday sessions. I’ll update this to a session report once we’re finished.

Big Picture: A New Technological Enemy Appears

Yes/Add List: High Tech (gadgetry), Fantasy Elements Allowed, Magic, Multiple Planets, Space Travel, Multiple Races, Androids
No/Ban List: Vampires, Undead, Superpowers or other innate abilities (Magic included), Not based on current history, Planet-Wide Federations, Cosmic/Occult Horror

I. THE EMP (dark)

  • American Tech Union (ATU) opens gateway to our dimension (dark)
  • The Prowler Class Starship, Genesis, returns to Earth (light)
  • ATU offensively captures Genesis (dark)


  • ATU takes over United Nations (dark)
  • Diamond Corporation invents first EMP shield (light)


  • The Regulon starship, Ecksolar, orbits Earth (light)
  • Ambassador T’Karr signs trade agreement with North America (light)
    (scene) Q: Why did US sign agreement? A: due to pressure from corporations, US needed a new energy source after the EMP (light)


  • The Arachnid species transports Hive to Detroit Ruins (light)
  • Diamond Corp. begins mass producing cybernetic implants (light)
    (scene) Q: Who first received implants? A: Genesis survivors (light)
  • Surviving Genesis crew members discover ATU gateway caused the EMP (light)
    (scene) Q: How did they discover connection? A: interrogation with ATU prisoner (dark)


  • ATU exposes Regulon involvement with Diamond Corp (dark)
  • United Arab Emirates declare war against ATU (dark)
    (scene) Q: Why did UAE declare war? A: ATU spies infiltrated UAE and swayed them (dark)

(Ω) TRUCE (light)

  • ATU disbands United Nations as nations start to rebel (dark)
  • ATU and Fellowship form unlikely alliance to fight Arachnids (light)
  • Arachnid Homeworld is destroyed by ATU (dark)
    (scene) Q: How did ATU destroy homeworld? A: Explosives transported across planet surface (dark)
  • Truce signed between ATU and Fellowship at Mars Colony (light)
  • Diamond Corp. creates New Earth Coalition (NEC) with anti-ATU rebels (light)
    (scene) Q: Who joined the NEC? A: Regulons, Arachnids, Diamond Corp., Genesis crew, US, China, Saudi Arabia (light)

Current Legacies:

  • Prowler Class Starship, Genesis
  • Diamond Corporation
  • United Arab Emirates

Notable Figures:

  • Regulon Ambassador, T’Karr
  • Arachnid Princess, Sulamè
  • CEO of Diamond Corp, John Wilkins
  • CEO/President of ATU
  • Genesis Crew survivors

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